Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom lying near the geographical centre of England. Birmingham is regarded to be a beautiful and England’s most populous city after London and known as the most populous city in the Midlands. Birmingham is a city in the Midlands with a series of beautiful landscapes and very industrious landmarks with a connected history dating back to the 18th century. Birmingham as the largest and most populous city in the Midlands is said to have been estimated to have a population of about 3.7 million. Located right in the geographical heart of England, The city is the largest social, cultural and financial hive of the Midlands.

It is these characteristics of Birmingham that makes it an administrative, cultural and a recreational centre for both those living in Birmingham and tourists. Birmingham is a city enriched with the numerous innovations of today and passions of can-doers in the city and with an amazing calendar of wonderful and amazing festivals and pulse-racing events worth every time spent

Birmingham is a city rich with diverse cultures and beautiful scenes to feed your eyes. From the museums which are famous for its Raphaelite paintings and English watercolours, amazing shopping Centre such as the Bullring Shopping Centre which has won many awards in the United Kingdom, amazing attractions and to the beautiful restaurants with their delicious variety of meals at your disposal. As the home of a lot of cultural heritage, arts, venues etc. The city has so much more to offer for a good family- time vacation or business purposes.

Birmingham: Britain’s Centre of Light

Birmingham is a city known or referred to as the chief Centre of light in Britain and a city with a medium industry. Sometimes the city is referred to as the city with 1001 different trades. One of the keys to the success in the growth of the city’s economic values was the diversity in its industrial base, even though the city is much more concerned with engineering and metal trades which in turn created the largest employment system in the Midlands for motor vehicles manufactures.

The central place of attraction in Birmingham is Victoria Square, the St. Philips Cathedral and the St. Paul’s Church. Birmingham as a city with much cultural heritage hosts the famous Birmingham Royal Ballet Company and the Midlands Art Centre for Young People which was built in the 1960s houses a lot of theatres, concert halls, workshops, and studios. Apart from these historical buildings and art galleries, Birmingham houses the biggest municipal libraries in the country known as the Birmingham Central Public Library. Also lies in the city of Birmingham are three chiefs higher education institutions known as the University of Birmingham founded in 1900, Aston University founded in 1966 and the University of Birmingham founded in 1992 which was formerly known as University of Central England.

Birmingham is a city that sounds like your kind of place where you would give anything to visit. A place is willing to pour out every bit of love and fun for everyone who finds his way to Birmingham. The city is open to innovations and of course a city where there are employment opportunities for those willing to start lives in the city.