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Top Restaurants In Birmingham

Birmingham city is a top attraction spot around the world for a countless number of tourists as it has numerous fantastic sightseeing centres, museums, and unique attractions. Either for a vacation or a visit, you can be guaranteed to have a spoil time in Birmingham. Day in day out, lots of people visit Birmingham –it only becomes necessary to compliment the day’s fun with a good meal. With the restaurants in Birmingham, you will never have to bother about getting good food as they have some of the best cuisines in the world.

Below are some of the top restaurants you can avail yourself of within Birmingham.

  1. The Wilderness

If you are one for a modern British excellent dining experience, then you definitely would fall in love with The Wilderness. They are exceptional when it comes to making vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free dishes –a taste of their meal will definitely leave you asking for more.

Address: 27 Warstone Lane, Birmingham B18 6JQ, England

  1. Purnells

Purnells is another excellent restaurant in Birmingham and has worked so hard to ensure tourists have a mind-blowing experience here. From their tasty and mouth-watering cuisines to the awesome ambience, you are sure to fall in love with the Purnells. With Purnell, you are guaranteed a memorable and unique experience.

Address: 55 Cornwall St, Birmingham B3 2DH, UK

  1. Adam’s Restaurant

Are you having a hard time satisfying your taste buds? Then you should try Adam’s restaurant. They are a very reputable restaurant in not just Birmingham but the second best in the UK owing to their contemporary, chic dining room and world-class culinary scene –amazing customer experience coupled with the world-class food.

Address: New Oxford House, 16 Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5UG, UK

  1. Savanna restaurant

Located in Bristol street is one of the top places to grab a bite in Birmingham –fantastic customer service coupled with their meals that are sure to steal your soul away. You can always breeze in for a freshly prepared Eritrean or Ethiopian dish.

Address: 32 Bristol St, Birmingham B5 7AA, UK

  1. 24 Carat Bistro

The 24-carat Bistro is a truly hidden treasure with exceptional tasty menu and top of the state staff. They have done so well in order to avoid disappointing customers with their numerous options of mouth-watering meals. For brilliant value for your money and tasty meals, you can always count on 24-Carat Bistro.

Address: 27 Warstone Ln, Birmingham B18 6JQ, UK

  1. Jilabi Indian restaurant

The name of this restaurant already gives you a clue that they prepare more of Indian meals. How about trying a different meal –their Indian meals are sure to leave you coming for more. You can get lots of delicious tandoori grills, seafood and great tasting starters.

Address: 2065 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B26 3DY, UK

Final Verdict

Birmingham is filled with numerous restaurants and getting to decide can be a daunting task which is why we have provided our carefully handpicked list to help you during your stay.

Best Place for Brunch in Birmingham

If you’re looking to eat some local dishes, you would consider going for a full English which is known to be a favourite across the United Kingdom. It usually is the combination of bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, sausage and black pudding. If you’re visiting Birmingham and you have cravings for some traditional brunch, some restaurants in Birmingham can cater for such cravings. Do not look past some local restaurants in Birmingham as they know one or two things about making good brunches.

Check out these restaurants that can serve really good brunches in Birmingham.

  1. The Bull’s Head Brum

The Bull’s Head Brum is not famous for the best locally brewed Davenports and Dares Beer but also known to be one of the best restaurants to offer good Baron’s all day brunch with an award-winning ten inches Lashford’s sausage. Imagine having a delicious brunch of the Lashford’s sausage, fried eggs, died cured smoked bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans served with fries and some toasts.

  1. Gas Street Social

Gas Street sure does know what to do for you to have good breakfasts and brunches. When it comes to brunches, Gas Street gives you the ubiquitous bottomless boozy brunch feeling and never fails to put it out on the Bellini centre stage. They are very good with the Italian combination of Prosecco and peach juice for a guaranteed morning bliss. While perusing the afternoon lunch menu, your eyes would definitely meet with the social breakfast which is a gigantic meal that up to five people can share. Other nice delicacies such as fruits pancakes or the American style of bacon pancakes are also available.

  1. The Lord Clifden

The Lord Clifden is one of the few restaurants in Birmingham that you can be served with beef steak option at brunch. If you want something different apart from the regular kind of brunches, then the Lord Clifden may just be the right place for you. Instead of having the regular bacon and sausages, the 80 rump steak of beef may just be the right thing to set you up for the rest of the day. Then again on the menu, you have the Brummies’ which is a combination of steak, sausages and black pudding. You can also have lighter brunch such as porridge and smoked salmon together with scrambled eggs or granola. There are also other varieties of sandwiches to choose from ranging from meaty and vegetarian options.

  1. The Junction

The Junction, when it comes to serving one of the best Saturday brunches, they are very competitive in serving a good Saturday brunch scene. Housed in the Victorian building, they are perfect at giving one of the best menus for brunch. If you find your way to the Junction, you may want to try their French toast with bacon and maple syrup with a side of Bloody Mary.