Where to Go in Birmingham

Where to Go in Birmingham

Birmingham as the largest city in the Midlands and the second largest city in England after London sure is a home for many diverse attractions such as art centres and galleries, museum, shopping centres, schools, and other beautiful sites. If you are planning a holiday in Birmingham with your family or your friends and lost about the places, you should go to Birmingham. Here is a list of attraction sites you can visit.

  1. The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

This is one place you would not want to miss in Birmingham as it is a place packed with so many local treasures, artefacts and interactive displays that tells and reveals so much of the history of Birmingham from over 500 years ago. The museum and art gallery is like the centrepiece of Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square. The building houses over 40 art galleries and artefacts ranging from masterpieces, contemporary arts, Egyptian mummies and the famous HP factory sign.

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a place that showcases so much from the historical collections and vibrant pasts of Birmingham. Some of the highlights from the history of Birmingham includes the biggest and finest collection of the pre-Raphaelite art collections in the whole world and the Staffordshire

  1. The Cannon Hill Park

The Cannon Hill Park is known in Birmingham to be the home of the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Centre and also to the Mac Theatre. The Park covers up to 80 acres of formal parkland and up to 120 acres of conservation and also woodland plantation. Cannon Hill Park is a place where there is so much to do –as a visitor, you can fish, rent a pedalo, play games like tennis or mini golf.

The park also has particular play areas for children and also a mini funfair during the weekends. During summer, the Cannon Hills Park hosts the annual Food Festival, and other events as well.

  1. The Custard Factory

The Custard Factory is just about a five minutes’ walk from the Bullring. The Custard Factory is home to over five thousand businesses ranging from shopping centres, cinemas, tattoo stores and so on. The Custard Factory is definitely a fun-filled place where you can get almost anything all at once. You can see a movie at the Mockingbird Cinema, grab one or two beers at Clink, get some body art at the House of thieves Tattoo Parlour.

  1. Hall’s Croft

The Hall’s Croft was the home of the famous Williams Shakespeare Daughter, Susanna Hall and her husband, John Hall (from 1613-1616). The Hall’s Croft is located at the Old Stratford-Upon-Avon at the corner between a church street and an old town. For those who are lovers of Shakespeare, this would be a memorable place to visit.

  1. Cadbury World

Whenever we hear the name Cadbury, we think of chocolate. The Cadbury experience allows tourists who are fans of chocolate take guided tours around the scenes of their favourite chocolate treat. The tour features exhibitions on the history of chocolates, the Cadbury family story and the science of chocolate making. Do not forget to pick up all exciting treats from the world’s biggest chocolate store when you visit Cadbury World.