Where to Stay

Airbnb or Hotels

Airbnb is a service which allows homeowners or property owners to rent their homes to guests to make extra money while they are away. While a hotel is a place where visitors lodge to stay during their time in a particular city or place. A lot of people know what the Airbnb is and have been practising it for some time now. Airbnb has been in rapid growth since its inception in 2008 and has been known to be the largest peer-to-peer hospitality service.

However, the Airbnb was founded on a good note, but some negative consequences may have crept in the service. Here are some reasons why you might choose a hotel service rather than Airbnb.

  • Hotels operate easier check-in system

Checking into a hotel is a lot easier because you have already booked, weeks or months before and you have all the contact details of the hotel. You know the room number and all the facilities in the hotel or how their service works. The Airbnb is quite different as checking in with Airbnb can be more like a treasure hunt as you’d not know the address of the place until a few days to your arrival. For Airbnb, you have to be in close communication with the owner to get information on a lot of things like lock codes and combinations, but for a hotel, it is a lot easier to get info on all of that since the management is in the same building.

  • In hotels, what you see is what you get

Sometimes photos on the internet can be a lot deceiving as they can look so great online, but in the real sense, they are not that great as they look on photos. You could get so disappointed because what you saw in pictures might not be what you may be seeing when you arrive. However, a hotel is much better because whatever you see is what you get in hotels.

  • Hotels don’t cancel reservations and bookings on short notice

Hotels hardly cancel bookings and reservations, even if they do, they are done on time to enable guests to find another hotel and book on time. This is however different from the way Airbnb operates. There are penalties for those who cancel bookings but then these things happen and trust me, it can ruin your vacation to avoid such occurrences, its best to use hotels

  • Concierge

Hotels have concierge which means that whether you arrive early or late, there’s always a concierge where you can drop your luggage and if there is a problem with your rooms, the problem could be fixed immediately, and if the problem cannot be fixed, the rooms would be changed to another one. This opportunity is rare with Airbnb as you are at the mercy of your host. If your hosts are nice enough or respond to you, some problems may be fixed if not you have to use the apartment in the state it was given to you.


  • Racial discrimination

Airbnb has been a major platform for easy racial discrimination. Some of the hosts have rejected people a lot of times, people of different colour and races. So it may not really be a good platform in terms of racism. Hotels operate a non-discrimination policy, and almost everyone wants a place where they can stay and not be discriminated for their skin colour or race.

Nearby Hotels

Whether you are planning to stay in Birmingham and planning a pocket-friendly stay in Birmingham, you would definitely find hotels in Birmingham that would suit your budget. So staying at hotels at the Birmingham city centre is actually a good option. The Birmingham City Centre is a host of many good hotels that would suit your taste. Many of the hotels in the city centre offer good and reasonable prices for their rooms with contemporary Wi-Fi with breakfast buffets. Here are some lists of nearby hotels in the City Centre:

  1. Cute City Centre Apartment, Birmingham

Looking for a hotel close to the Bullring, the Cute City Centre Apartment is one. It is a 3.5-star hotel with beautiful and clean apartments for your comfort. The apartments are clean, and the kitchen is spacious and also clean. Coupled with the fact that it is close to the Bullring makes it even better. The hotel has parking spaces available, Wi-Fi, kitchen utensils for easy cooking, and has lots of amazing places around it such as the Chinese quarter, Broad Street, Birmingham Town Hall and so on.

  1. Fredrick Street Townhouse

Another hotel you should be considering is the Fredrick Street Townhouse which is also an excellent option. It is a 3.5-star hotel also located in a strategic place which is right at the Jewellery Quarters in Birmingham near the Arena Birmingham. The hotel has different classes of apartments ranging from the junior suite to the classic room. The Frederick Street Townhouse has a special package of free Wi-Fi and free breakfast service for registered guests. So this might just be a good option for you if you are a fan of the Jewellery Quarters.

  1. Ur Stay Apartments, Birmingham

Ur Stay Apartments is also another good option for a nearby hotel in Birmingham, house right in the Jewellery Quarters. A 4-star hotel with amazing facilities and services such as an upscale kitchen, smoke-free apartments, terrace, self-service laundry services, free Wi-Fi and tour/ticket assistance. So for someone who probably wants to stay close to the Arena or major places in Birmingham, the Ur Stay Apartments is a good option.

  1. Hotel Du Vin

Located at Church Street, Hotel Du Vin is a 4-star hotel with good apartments for guests and tourists. The apartments are well cleaned and spacious, fully air-conditioned, a minibar and an ironing table for your comfort. It is a good hotel to spend some time with family friends or spouse, however, pets are not allowed. The hotel lies in the centre of Birmingham City and from the hotel it is easy to get accessibility to certain places such as Bullring Shopping Centre which is 11 minutes’ walk from the hotel, the mailbox, Arena Birmingham, Victoria Square which is about a 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel and Jewellery Quarters.

From these hotels, one can easily get access to train stations, bus stations and also the airport. From Birmingham City Centre, it is a 25 minutes’ drive to the New Street Train Station should you want to travel around or explore the city more broadly. Also, the hotel is suitable for those in Birmingham on business purposes; it can help you stay close to where you can get across to offices, warehouses and so on.